Poets Laureate of Sunland Tujunga

Poets Laureate of Sunland Tujunga (L to R): Elsa Frausto, Dorothy Skiles, Marlene Hitt,
Joe DeCenzo, Pamela Shea and Maja Trochimczyk, April 2017. Photo by Kathabela Wilson.

Poets Laureate of Sunland Tujunga:

Poets Laureate of Sunland Tujunga (R to L): Maja Trochimczyk,
Dorothy Skiles, Joe DeCenzo and Marlene Hitt, July 2012.

Some accomplishments of Poets Laureates:
  • Monthly Village Poets Readings at the Bolton Hall Museum
  • Readings and appearances in California and out of State
  • Poetry readings at the Sunland-Tujunga Branch Library, McGroarty Arts Center, and Bolton Hall Museum
  • Poetry in newsletters and programs for local organizations
  • Creation of the Shouting Coyote Poetry Festival
  • Creation of the Shouting Coyote Performing Arts Festival
  • Participation in the Commerce Street Faire, Puppetry Festivals, and LitCrawl LA
  • Poetry readings at the McGroarty Arts Center's exhibitions and events
  • Participation in the annual Independence Day Parade
  • Teaching creative writing and poetr to children and adults
  • Networking with other poets: the Chupa Rosa Writers, Poets on Site, Emerging Urban Poets, and the John Steven PMcGroarty Chapter of the California Federation of Chaparral Poets
  • Village Poets Blog and poetry websites
  • Special Events, e.g. Mother’s day brunch at the Bolton Hall Historical Museum
  • Programs for Seniors at the Senior Center
  • Books written by each Poet Laureate
  • and much, much more....

Poets Laureate of Sunland Tujunga in 2008 (R to L): Joe DeCenzo, Katerina Canyon, Damien Stednitz, Ursula Gibson, and Marlene Hitt

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