Poets Laureate of Sunland Tujunga


Elsa S. Frausto was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has lived in the Foothills with her family for over twenty years. She was the coordinator and host for Camelback Readings held at the Sunland-Tujunga Library. Elsa is a member of the Chuparosa Writers, volunteers at the Friends of the Library Bookstore and at the Noise Within Theater (Pasadena) and is poetry editor and translator for the Spanish language literary magazine la-luciernaga.com. Her work has appeared in many local and international publications, among them Porte des Poetes, Speechlessthemagazine, Poem of the Month in Poets at Work, Badlands, Meditations on Divine Names, and anthologies by Poets on Site.

Faith and the Nectarine

In matters of faith,
I'm with the nectarine.
It prepares its sap
where it can't be seen,

spells winter,
suspects spring,
and knows it's still
not time.

Heat is a dance
on summer's skin.
The long hours beat,
sugar jingles

autumn can't wait.

Body Double

Bedroom on the second floor.
House steady in the wind
like night with held breath.
Step outside, get a good view.
That's me inside looking out.
Me outside looking in.
The window blinds accordion the light.
Outside, the same wind plays patty-cake
with my hair. Inside, I laugh at the sight.

(c) by Elsa S. Frausto

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