Poets Laureate of Sunland Tujunga

Damien Stednitz's work has been published in Contemporary Rhyme, Speechless Magazine, Astropoetica, The San Gabriel Valley Quarterly, True Poet Magazine, Flintlock, Falling Star Magazine and Poetry Superhighway. Additionally his work has appeared in various anthologies including Looking Out of Pasadena and Sometimes in the Open. He has authored three books including his latest The Carter Variations was published in November of 2008. Stednitz has been a featured reader at various venues throughout Los Angeles and the central coast of California.

During his tenure as poet laureate Stednitz organized a poetry reading during the Sunland Watermelon festival to bring poetry to the community at large. Top poets from the Los Angeles area participated. Stednitz also participated in the annual 4th July parade in Sunland, sponsoring a float which increased awareness of the poet laureate program to the community. During the parade Stednitz performed readings and handed out over 50 CD's containing spoken word poetry and e-books. Stednitz was also a featured reader at various local events ranging from readings at McGroarty Arts Center to a local AARP chapter meeting at Sizzler.


we find a break
from vacation
a dark hotel
to recharge
you’re sick
trying not to be
because this is the week
we’ve talked about
so much

the pills did the trick
and you’re out
I stare at the ceiling
in the dark hotel
wishing you were awake
I could tell you
a joke
I just thought of

© 2009 by Damien Stednitz

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